• Is it safe to use this product when the kids are s

    SMAWA has passed the FCC recognition of the US and the CE recognition of EU, which is safe for children’s use. However, there are many 3C, WIFI, electromagnetic waves in our daily lives that affect the sleep of children and infants, and such effects are taking place, resulting in sleeping disorder or growing issues of children. Such issues are what we shall attach our focuses on and be aware of. SMAWA uses a mild frequency that is similar to that of the natural magnetic field to protect the sleeping environment of our children, allowing them to sleep better.


  • Does SMAWA have electromagnetic waves?

    The frequency generated by SMAWA simulates the natural Schumann resonance and the specific sleeping frequency for children and infants to stabilize the sleeping course of children and infants. Due to exceeding high frequency electromagnetic waves in the modern society that affects the sleep of infants (i.e., cell phone, WIFI…etc.), SMAWA is designed for infants to sleep well in an excellent and safe environment, comprehensively covering the sleeping space of children and infants and reducing infants waking up during nights for them to sleep through the night.