- FAQ -


1Does SMAWA have electromagnetic waves?

The frequency generated by SMAWA simulates the natural Schumann resonance and the specific sleeping frequency for children and infants to stabilize the sleeping course of children and infants. Due to exceeding high frequency electromagnetic waves in the modern society that affects the sleep of infants (i.e., cell phone, WIFI…etc.), SMAWA is designed for infants to sleep well in an excellent and safe environment, comprehensively covering the sleeping space of children and infants and reducing infants waking up during nights for them to sleep through the night.

2Is it safe to use this product when the kids are so young?

SMAWA has passed the FCC recognition of the US and the CE recognition of EU, which is safe for children’s use. However, there are many 3C, WIFI, electromagnetic waves in our daily lives that affect the sleep of children and infants, and such effects are taking place, resulting in sleeping disorder or growing issues of children. Such issues are what we shall attach our focuses on and be aware of. SMAWA uses a mild frequency that is similar to that of the natural magnetic field to protect the sleeping environment of our children, allowing them to sleep better.

3Children and infants sleep a lot already, why would we need SMAWA?

It is recommended to use SMAWA as early as possible to provide better assistance to the sleep, learning, and growing of children and infant!

4How can children and infants use SMAWA?

SMAWA may be placed on the bed where the child sleeps or the bedside cabinet (in the best situation, parallel to the bed and bears the same height). It is recommended to turn on SMAWA one hour before the sleep of the child and let the child carry out static activities in the room during the hour or communicate and interact with parents, such as playing bricks, reading stories together, talking about the day. Start cultivating the habit of an excellent pre-bed ritual for the child starting from the hour.The habit of the child is mostly learned through imitating his/her parents; therefore, when parents wish their child to have the good sleeping condition, they shall set themselves as examples!

5Will children behave and go to sleep?

SMAWA is a subsidiary product for the sleep of children and infants, rather than sleeping pills that control our children! Children still have their inherent outgoing and naïve character. SMAWA only helps children become fond of sleeping and no longer resisting it. SMAWA provides children and infants with comfortable and stable sleeping frequency. Children may pick up the good sleeping habit through long-term daily usage, allowing children to sleep in an interference-free environment that provide better sleep for children and infants.

6Is it applicable to adults when parents are sleeping together with their children?

SMAWA is primarily designed for the sleep of children and infants ranging from 0 to 6, and the stabilizing effect works the best for children and infants’ sleep. The frequency applicable to children are also applicable to adults; therefore, adults sleeping aside with their children will also enjoy the soothing sleep.

7How does SMAWA contribute to newborns’ health?
  • 1. SMAWA creates a 2x2 m 360-degree three-dimensional field that protects infants and toddlers from external interference during sleep.
  • 2. SMAWA simulates the natural Schumann Frequency that allows newborns to get a sense of security, minimizes night awakening and night crying, as well as cultivates a fixed sleep time for newborns, so that newborns are able to fall in love with sleeping.

Children of all ages are required to grow healthily in their sleeps, especially for infants and toddlers; various domestic and foreign researches have indicated that a stable sleep allows infants and toddlers to secrete adequate growth hormones, which facilitates a healthy development of brain cells, hence sleeping is not only a form of resting for infants and toddlers, but also the key of growing up healthily.

8What is the targeted age group for SMAWA?
  • SMAWA is primarily designed for 0-6 years old infants and toddlers, which can be used from the newborn phase, so as to cultivate a positive sleeping pattern in an earlier stage, allowing children to grow up healthily with the accompaniment of SMAWA.
  • SMAWA can also be used until your children begin 1st or 2nd grade in elementary school since children who begin their studies are prone to an elevation of pressure in life, which increases factors that may impact on their sleeping quality.
9Can it be used for pregnant mothers who accompany their children during sleep?

This product is also suitable for pregnant mothers! SMAWA is FCC and CE internationally certified, providing a peace of mind for the users. SMAWA is able to alleviate pregnant mothers’ emotional status should pregnant mothers experience sleep problems, which are often caused by the change of hormones and the compression of the fetus that lead to physical discomfort, severe mood swings, as well as pressure raised from worrying about the fetus’ health, though the product only provides limited benefits on sleeping quality directly as there are relatively more changes during the pregnancy cycle.

10My child is still prone to bad mood when waking up after using it for 2 weeks.

Don’t worry, let us take one step at a time, and understand the current sleeping and waking time of your children, the total sleeping hours during nighttime, and if your children is prone to simulative habits before sleep.

Infants and toddlers have a different sleeping pattern to adults, where both light sleep and deep sleep are equally important, and the sleeping hours must reach to a certain level; if your children have been deprived of sleeping time, or experience lack of sleep, it is recommended to let them sleep at an earlier time.

※Playing on phones or watching TV 2-4 hours before sleeping will also impact children’s sleeping quality.

11Why does it make the mother drowsy as well?

If the mother experiences drowsiness using the product, that indicates a positive change as it means that the mother’s frequency resonates to that of the newborn; the sleep frequency is designed exclusively for infants and toddlers’ sleep, hence when the mother is closer with the newborn, the frequency between the two will mutually influence, which resonates the frequency of SMAWA. Let SMAWA’s frequency guides the mothers who accompany their children to relax and enter a quality sleep with their children together.

12Will my child receive enough sleep after using the product despite not sleeping for a very long time?

Infants and toddlers have a different sleeping pattern to adults, where both light sleep and deep sleep are equally important, and the sleeping hours must reach to a certain level. The brain begins to repeatedly review the learning memory during daytime when the child is in a light sleep, whereas growth hormones are secreted during deep sleep, and 70% of growth hormones are secreted during sleep; both deep and light sleep are important stages for children to grow healthily, hence adequate sleeping hours is also important for children.

13Will SMAWA work on children with abnormal sleeping pattern?

The effects of SMAWA can also be seen on children with abnormal sleeping pattern by assisting with the children’s sleep adjustment through the cooperation from the parents to produce a faster result.

Do not use SMAWA when sleeping during daytime, do not sleep for more than 2 hours consecutively during daytime, try to be active during daytime, reduce stimulation before sleep, turn on SMAWA 1-2 hours before sleep during nighttime, as well as cooperate with the cultivation of bedtime routine. (dim light, accompaniment of mothers, insert pacifier or ingest milk).

14How long is the service life for SMAWA? Does it come with warranty?

The chip module within the main body of SMAWA comes with 1-year warranty for damages beyond control; should the product require repair exceeding the 1-year warranty period, relevant repair charges will apply (we provide 1-year warranty on the module, and the warranty on other accessories will be provided by your esteemed company).

SMAWA is categorized as a home appliance, and the inner module is able to last approximately 3 to 5 years under normal usage, though the service life of the product also depends on personal habits.

15Will mothers (caregivers) be unable to take care of their children from excessive sleep after using the product?

Please rest assured that mothers will not forget to take care of their children in any circumstances after using SMAWA, instead the excessive tension or fatigue derived from looking after their children will easily impact on the latter’s sleep as well as physical and mental development, which is also a principle of frequency resonance. If a mother sleeps well, her children will too.

If you are experiencing drowsiness or fatigue, please relax yourself, and prepare yourself for a deep sleep, so that you will have a better emotional status and spirit to look after your children the next day. Please take good care of yourself before looking after your children.

16Will one unit of SMAWA enough for three children?
  • If all three children are free from distinctive sleep problems, one unit is more than enough to help stabilizing the sleep environment.
  • If each child possesses particular sleep problems that need to be improved, or wanting to improve on sleep quality, it is recommended to use one unit per person for better results.
  • It is recommended to use one unit per person if the children are sleeping on different beds, sleeping in different rooms, or the distance between each person is more than 1m.
17Will using the product lead to unable to go to the toilet during sleep?

Children are unlikely to wake up to urinate or go to the toilet during sleep, and sleep enuresis and bedwetting are usually caused by night terror or night crying. Bedwetting will slowly reduce or disappear by using SMAWA.

18Is it suitable for children with sleepwalking and ADHD?
  • Yes, SMAWA is able to assist children with sleepwalking and ADHD to improve on sleeping quality, though you should still consult doctors for relevant disease symptoms as SMAWA is a sleep assistance product and not a medical instrument; if your children experiences sleepwalking due to stress, it can be gradually alleviated by using SMAWA, and if it is caused due to mental illness or trauma, please refer to medical treatment as your primary solution.
  • Have your children been diagnosed with ADHD by doctors? Are they on medication? Or do parents simply believe that their children have ADHD? Children who have been diagnosed with ADHD should refer to medical treatment as the primary solution with SMAWA being the assisted product. 90% of children with ADHD experience sleep problems, which are often inability to sleep or night terror and night awakening; SMAWA is able to calm children down during sleep, and gradually elevate sleep quality.
19Does it work on children who are easily distracted at school during daytime?

Concentration is an important factor for children who are easily distracted, and lack of sleep during nighttime is also the cause of inability to concentrate. Long term usage of SMAWA is able to stabilize children’s sleep, which leads to better spirit after waking up in the morning, as well as better concentration in study and more active.

20How do I determine if the product is damaged after accidentally dropping it on the floor?

Refer to the simplest light indication to determine if the product is damaged. The power-on indicator on the product means that the SMAWA frequency is functioning normally if it is lit, otherwise it is not operating; if your SMAWA does not display changes in the indicator when turning on or off, please contact the customer service.

You can use a mobile phone to further inspect the frequency output upon turning on the product, though it is not the correct method for inspecting this product; please contact the customer service if you wish to know if there are damages to the product.