Impacts of children’s poor sleep quality

Unstable sleep:

awaken abruptly in the middle of the night, and parents are hassled because of the complaints of their children.

Fragmented light sleep:

dwelling in light sleep reducing the duration of deep sleep.

Growth hormone not secreted normally:

70% of the growth hormone is secreted during night-time sleep.

Growth hormones are unable to secrete normally:

70% of growth hormones are secreted during nighttime sleep.

Affects physical growth and development:

growth will be prone to problems when the child has not slept well for more than 3 months.

Neurocognitive development:

more than 18 hours of sleep is the key to an intact brain development; multiple researchers have shown that sufficient and high quality sleep contributes to brain development.

S MAWA is a patented chip of unique low-frequency CMSF (Child Mild Sleep Frequency) at which babies and infants sleep well. It was developed by a Taiwanese team of electrical engineering researchers over decades.

When activated, the chip generates a natural magnetic field at special frequency in a 360-degree ring shape of two meters in diameter.It stabilizes children’s sleep cycles at each stage, and protects their sleeping space in a complete manner, so that they grow healthily and steadily during sleep.

Specifically designed for infants of 0 to 6

New born baby till infancy:

Development at this stage has yet to mature, so, the sleep is constantly disrupted (to allow milking, every 3-4 hours). Smawa helps the babies sleep undisrupted (throughout the night), reduce milking at night, and enables sound sleep, thus helping the babies develop and prolong continuous sleep at night.


Self-consciousness begins to be stronger at this stage, where the infant wants to explore instead of sleeping, which takes overly long time to fall asleep (overly long bedtime routine). As the infant is exposed to more and more people and things, he/she becomes more curious and begins to be under social pressure, which tends to lead to crying at night or nightmares. SMAWA is capable of helping preschool children in shortening the bedtime routine, minimizing crying at night or nightmares, developing fixed sleeping hours and forming good sleeping habits.

Preschool period:

Kids at this stage are subject to more pressure of learning and as they grow in age, the time for going to bed becomes later. Going to bed late for extended periods leads to insufficient sleep, owing to which they tend to be reluctant to get up in the morning, wake up on the wrong side of the bed, be drowsy, grind their teeth, and have ill temper, among other behaviors. SMAWA helps develop fixed sleep hours and effectively prolongs the stage of deep sleep, allowing effective increase of the children’s sleep quality and pleasant learning in the day.